Resource Hex Tiles: Variants and Options

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I want more variety, you say! Well, okay, I respond! Here are a bunch of unique tiles to add variants and new gameplay to your games.

This set includes:

  • Six ‘Fish’ ocean tiles
  • One ‘Lake’ hex tile
  • One ‘Castle’ tile
  • One ‘Oasis’ tile
  • Seven ‘River’ tiles (one 3-hex river and one 4-hex river)
  • Three blank tiles
  • Six number chits


  • Your hexes can have flat sides, or they can have a sawtooth pattern that helps hold them together.
  • I have two sets of tile images available: one more realistic, and one more abstract. You can see both below.
  • You can choose to have your hexes delivered as raw wood, or for an additional pledge, I can color them with wood stain.

Design Images

Abstract Design

Realistic Design

Suggested compatible games:

  • These tiles can be used for a number of variants of The Settlers of Catan, such as those in Traders & Barbarians. If using the Traders & Barbarians scenario itself, the three blank tiles can hold the Castle, Quarry, and Glassworks.

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