.75″ Hexes (Set of 125)

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Little hexes everywhere! This set of 125 hexes gives you enough to lay out complex board designs, or quickly prototype new game ideas.

The hexes have bumps on the edges, alternating between ‘in’ and ‘out’. Unlike some of my other designs, these hexes aren’t meant to lock rigidly together, but the bumps help guide them into place.

Design Images

The dark lines are where the hexes are cut, while the red lines are engraved, to give the pieces more of a hex shape.

Suggested Compatible Games

  • Color these, and you could lay out a half-size Heroscape battlefield.
  • There are more than enough hexes for a Unity board!
  • You could customize these hexes to make a nice wooden Hive set, although honestly, I think the bakelite version is nicer!

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