Auction Stand and Money Holder

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When you’re bidding for control of the world’s power, you need to know what’s available! This design assembles into a 3D stand which can sit in the middle of the table. Conveniently, it also provides four slots on each side for holding money or other items!

This stand is 9 inches tall, 11.5 inches wide, and sits about 6 inches deep.

Design Images

One front plate, two vertical plates, and three horizontal plates.


Prototype Image

This is a 1/2 scale prototype out of cardboard; I’ve already identified and improved a bunch of issues with it. But it give you an idea of what the assembled stand is like.


Suggested compatible games:

  • This design works well with the auction cards from Power Grid, holding the current auction higher at the top of the board.


Power Grid is a product of Rio Grande Games. Lyris Laser Studio is not associated with Rio Grande Games.

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