Battle of LITS

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Battle of LITS is an abstract strategy game designed by Grant Fikes. We’ve been working together on the design, and it has a lot of cool elements, like reversible board pieces and a frame for the board.

You can check out a full description of the game on BoardGameGeek:

And even make your own print-and-play version to try out the game!

Of course, a paper version won’t be nearly as fancy as the wood version I’ll make!

With your order, you will receive:

16 double-sided board tiles, making up four basic layouts
18 frame pieces, offering enough flexibility to enclose even strange board shapes
20 player pieces, 5 each of 4 shapes
2 markers to indicate who is ‘X’ and ‘O’
A nice tile showing the game’s name and credits


  • You can have the player pieces stained in four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue.
  • For a small additional pledge, you can receive an additional four player boards, painted with dry-erase paint and scored with gridlines. This allows you to quickly lay out your own custom boards!
Design Images



Battle of LITS was designed by Grant Fikes. The Battle of LITS name and design are used with permission from Grant Fikes.