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It’s game night! Don’t your drinks deserve to have some fun, too? Get a set of gaming coasters for your table! These wooden coasters are laser-cut with fun board game designs!

I’ll be adding more designs soon! Currently available:

Inspired by the design of The Settlers of Catan:

  • Oversized Resource Tile Coaster (4″ wide)
    • Also available as a set of 6 (lumber, wool, brick, grain, ore, and desert)
    • Can be colored in their respected resource colors.
    • Other designs may be possible on request.
  • Mini-Resource Board (4″ wide)
    • Each hex can be colored an appropriate color for its resource. This costs a little more because there’s so many of them, and I have to cut them all apart then glue them back together.

The Settlers of Catan is a product of Mayfair Games. Lyris Laser Studio is not associated with Mayfair Games.

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