Game Designers & Publishers

We want to make your game!

Lyris Laser Studio is very eager to talk to current and future game designers and publishers. We want to help you create custom tokens, Kickstarter rewards, and deluxe editions of your games.

We’re not afraid of custom work, and we’ll work with you to create tokens, boards, and boxes that accent your game perfectly.

Contact us and let’s talk! We’re happy to give a free estimate on your design.


We want to make your game better!

At Lyris Laser Studio, we try to make items that are useful for a variety of purposes. Many of our designs are inspired by existing board games, but we avoid using trademarked terminology or copying their art or design. We always create our products from scratch, finding new art and fonts that look good.

In our item descriptions, we like to suggest some games that can be enhanced with our products, but these suggestions should not be seen as an official license or endorsement from the creators of those games.

We never build complete games (unless contracted to do so by the creator), and we have intentionally chosen not to add certain pieces to our designs if it would make it possible for players to use our accessories instead of buying the original game. Our designs enhance your games, allow you to organize them better, make them more attractive, or add new variant rules, but they always require ownership of the original game to be useful.

That being said, if you’re a trademark or copyright holder and you have any concerns, please contact us! We want to be a contributing part of the game industry, and avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. Contact the owner, Barry Figgins, at