Character Boxes

Character Boxes:

First, gather your parts. The hero and Overlord boxes each have 9 pieces.

101_1770-001101_1783-001Next, assemble the outer walls. It doesn’t take a lot of glue to hold the box together; I just put a dot on each of  the ridges along the edge, then slot them together. Once the box is assembled, you can add more glue as needed.


Then, add the inner dividers. There are three dividers in the hero box, and one in the Overlord box. You’ll want to put in the center (vertical) divider first.



The Overlord has two card-shaped dividers for his box. These help you get your finger under your card decks so you can remove them, and also give you space for cards that you’ve temporarily removed from your deck, and cards you haven’t purchased yet.

101_1779At this point, you’ll want to wait for your glue to dry. Check on the corners of the box and make sure they’re nice and tight.

Once the glue has dried, you can slide the lid of the box into place. It should be fairly tight, and it’s supposed to be, but if it gives you trouble just go over the edges of the lid with sandpaper until it fits.

101_1787 101_1780You can store the campaign log on top of the Overlord’s cards, before you put the lid on.

For the hero boxes, after you load up your small cards and tokens, you can put your reference card on top of the dividers – the dividers have card-sized cutouts to hold the reference card. After that, put your hero sheet on top of everything, then close the box lid.