Splendid Expansion Case

Before you get started, here are some tips:

  • Some pieces might have a white backing on one side. Just peel it off.
  • I’ve found that simple white glue, like Elmer’s Glue-All, works great. Wood glue is stronger, but not really necessary.
  • Assemble pieces in alphabetical or numerical order. For this set, there are both uppercase and lowercase letters, but it should be obvious what goes where.
  • Where pieces have letters or numbers engraved on them to help with assembly, you can assemble them so the engraving is hidden inside a joint.
  • You may have more pieces than you need. I make extra copies of the small or fragile items, in case they’re lost or damaged in shipping.
  • You never need to use force when assembling. That being said, sometimes there can be little bits on the edge of a piece that didn’t get cut through, and you can remove those with a knife or just by bending them off.
  • Click images to enlarge!

Box Assembly

  • Assemble the outer box. Pieces A and C are marked, but pieces B and D are not (because the letter would be visible). Assemble so that the engraved diamonds are facing outward. Clamp the box, weigh it down, or just put it together tightly and don’t let it slip, then let the glue dry a bit so you have a stable border for the rest of the assembly.
  • Insert piece ‘E’. Then glue the ‘Trading Spacer’ pieces inside the Trading Post space, two on each side. This is simply to fill in the space. The engraved text faces the left and right sides of the box, and should fit securely. Use another thin piece to make sure the bottom of the spacer is against the wall of the box.
  • ‘F’ and ‘G’ are platforms for your pieces, so you can more easily lift them out. On the right, use the ‘City Riser’ pieces for height, then place ‘F’ across them on the top, and ‘G’ across the bottom. On the left, use the ‘Orient Riser’ pieces, with ‘G’ across both.
  • Put a little glue on the side of the F and G platforms, then insert pieces H, I, J, and K. Piece L then slots into place, with the slightly higher side going into the outer wall.
  • Glue the piece marked ‘Coat of Arms Guide’ to the engraved area on piece M. Let that dry a bit, then glue it into the box.
  • Glue the large, completely engraved piece between pieces K and M, engraved side down. Weigh that down and let it dry.
  • Finally, from the bottom of the box, insert six copies of piece ‘O’ and glue.

Additional Pieces

  • Sliding Lid
    • Glue the large flat piece, diamond side up, to the thin border. Align it carefully; the front cutouts should line up, and the side tabs stick out.
  • Coat of Arms Holder
    • Find the base. In order, glue in place piece ‘T’, pieces ‘U’, and pieces ‘V’. Then glue on the top plate. Let dry a bit.
    • Insert two ‘X’ pieces, one on the top and bottom, and six ‘W’ pieces into the center slots, so that only their little tabs are sticking out.
  • Stronghold Holders (make 2)
    • You’ll essentially be building the same thing you did on the bottom of the main box, to hold the plastic Stronghold pieces.
    • The small, completely engraved piece is the top of the holder. Glue that to the bottom, engraved side down, then use pieces R and S to build a box around it. Let dry.
    • Insert three ‘O’ pieces through the bottom and glue. Then glue piece ‘Q’ to the inside of this little box.