Multi-Deck Box

Start by laying out the box bottom and four sides.

Multi-Deck BoxApply glue along the seams of the bottom, and on the notches along the walls.

Multi-Deck BoxFold the box up and together, and hold it for a minute while the glue sets.

Multi-Deck Box Insert the inner back first, then the inner sides.

Multi-Deck BoxThen slot the dividers in place.

Multi-Deck BoxInsert the nameplates from right to left. Make sure they insert fully and securely into their slots, and are pushed down flush against the top of the wall. I like to use a flat-head screwdriver to apply force where I need it.

Multi-Deck Box

Multi-Deck Box

To attach the magnetic lid, you’ll follow the instructions on this page:

For this lid, there’s a twist. The top lid is inset into the box, so you’ll attach the magnets in a horizontal arrangement, rather than vertical. Put the lid in place, then place the magnets in their slots, then apply super glue to each side, being careful not to glue the magnets together. It can be convenient if you rotate each pair of magnets 180° from each other, so that you can also rotate the lid 180° and the magnets will still attract each other.