Carrier Carriers



Product Description

Save space in space, and display your cargo!

When the battles get large, a fleet in Twilight Imperium can turn into a messy stack of tokens. Clean it up with these acrylic unit carriers! You and your opponents can tell, at a glance, which units are being carried by which ships, and which units are on the planet.

These carriers are held together with a single acrylic pin (two for the War Sun), so they can be disassembled for storage. When assembled, they’re sturdy and easy to move, even when fully loaded. If you have the space to store them assembled, a single drop of super glue will lock everything in place permanently.

This set includes:

  • Four carrier stands
  • Two War Sun stands
  • One Flagship stand
  • Thirteen small one-space stands for Stasis Capsules, indicating that a unit is being carried
  • Two single and two double ‘X’ tokens to block spaces (for Flagships with varying capacities)
  • Three large ‘DAMAGED’ tokens (War Suns and Flagships)
  • Four small ‘DAMAGE’ tokens (Dreadnoughts and Mechanized Units)
  • NEW! Each set now includes three Space Dock Docks!

The tokens ship with a protective film, which is easy to pull off with your fingernails or the side of a credit card. If you’d like to customize your stands in player colors, you can rub a crayon over the engraved areas, then wipe off the excess with a towel.

Pick up a set of Flagship Nameplates, too. They’re designed to fit nicely on the Flagship stand.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 x 5 x 2 in