Family Crest

Product Description

Receive your family crest, coat of arms, business logo, or anything else important to you, laser-cut out of solid, quality wood! Forget about lightweight wall prints or t-shirts, and give your symbol the weight it deserves.

The final price of the item depends on color, complexity, design work, the size of the piece, and the number of layers. I’m always happy to give an estimate, just send a message to!

For example, with the crest in the picture here:

  • The overall size is approximately 9″ x 12″.
  • I worked with the client to recreate the design from scratch. We couldn’t find a good, non-blurry picture of the crest, so I used a blurry picture as a guide then rebuilt the crest’s design, piece-by-piece, from its individual parts.
  • The rampant lions and tower were deeply engraved.
  • All of the individual pieces were cut out so they could be colored, then glued back into place. I also provided a backing plate for the pieces to be glued to (which adds additional thickness and heft to the overall piece).
  • The finished crest was sprayed with a layer of lacquer to seal and preserve it, and give it a beautiful shine.

Due to the coloration work and the extra design work, I would charge $80 for this crest. Your crest may be more or less, of course. I can produce designs in any size up to 48″ x 36″.