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Product Description

Conquer a grander world!

  • Massive 2 foot x 4 foot game board
  • Compatible with most Risk games
  • Includes an extra New Zealand piece, because every map forgets them
  • Sea routes not included; you’ll need to mark those
  • Options available:
    • Vertical cut through Africa and Europe to divide the board in half
      • Useful if you want to make a folding map
      • Mark that you want this in the ‘comments’ section of your order
    • Continents stained in different colors
      • Specify in the comments what color you’d like the continents to be. I have all the primary and secondary colors, black and white.
    • Continent outlines only, no country names or markings
      • Useful if you just want a world map, not a Risk map

Some versions of Risk have different country names. This board has Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Great Britain, Ukraine, Congo, India, and Southeast Asia. If you’d like a different name for these territories, just let us know in your order comments.

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 15 x 21 x 3 in
Compatible Games


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