Storage Chest for The Red Dragon Inn



Product Description

Bigger, better, and future-proofed. A secure home for your entire Red Dragon Inn collection.

  • Licensed Red Dragon Inn product, custom-made for SlugFest’s hit game!
  • New design as of November 2016 – holds everything.
    • 49 character deck slots
      • As of RDI6, and counting Adonis, there are 24 main box characters and 13 Allies, leaving 10 slots still open.
      • If that runs out, I’ll offer a kit to convert additional space into deck slots.
      • For the Gambling, I’m In! expansion, you can convert 2 deck slots into a space for those cards (3 if you sleeve)
    • 2 long slots (Sea Event Deck, Dungeon Event Deck, Zariah’s Summons, Allies player boards)
    • 9 sub-deck slots
    • Individual spaces for Curses, Prayers, Sea Progress Counters, Summon Tokens, Rage Tiles, Marks, Platinum, Gizmo Tokens, Form Tokens, Blood, Scarabs, and more!
    • Large space for Drink Decks
    • Slide-out lower tray holds Fortitude and Alcohol beads/markers.
      • Tray can be modified to hold either the original player boards and personalized player mats (RDI5 style) or four of my Deluxe Player Boards.
    • Upper tray can be modified to hold personalized player mats along with gold, or simply a larger gold space.
  • Designed to be compatible with sleeved or unsleeved cards.
  • Pre-sanded and stained.
  • Includes all hardware.
    • 2 latches, 2 hinges, 2 handles, 2 lid stays, 2 knobs, 1 hasp and hook, nails and screws as needed
  • Includes nameplates for every RDI character released so far, nameplates for compartments, and additional blank nameplates to be customized.
    • Organize your characters how you want: by release date, alphabetically, gamblers separate from cheaters, however you want!
    • Glue in with common white glue.
    • Also includes top and front Red Dragon Inn logo nameplates.
  • Available pre-assembled or as a Do-It-Yourself kit.
    • The DIY kit takes a couple hours to put together, but it’s pretty easy. All the nail holes are pre-drilled, all the pieces only fit one way. Instructions online.
  • Designed to fit in common 13 x 13 storage cubes, such as IKEA’s Kallax line.
  • And yes, it will include nameplates and spaces for the Red Dragon Inn 6 characters!

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