Trait Trackers for Betrayal at House on the Hill


Product Description

No more loose clips. Get a trait track that just works!

  • Includes 12 faceplates, one customized for each character, to make six double-sided character holders
  • Character holders are designed to be left open (so cards can be removed) or glued shut
  • Uses standard 8mm cubes for secure and unambiguous stat-tracking
    • Common in games such as Pandemic. If you’ve played through Pandemic Legacy, you have plenty of extra cubes!
    • No cubes? I also include some wooden squares to glue together as workable cubes
  • Additional tokens included!
    • 3 ‘Speed Roll’ tokens and one ‘Ghost’ token
      • These were left out of Widow’s Walk.
    • Tokens to represent spring, summer, fall, and winter for all characters
      • Track your progress through the ‘Year of the Witch’ and each character’s eligibility for Haunt 101 without writing in the rulebook.
    • Pentagonal ‘Traitor’ token
      • Just for fun! Our traitors are always so proud of themselves.
  • Our Organizer and Trays include space for the Trait Trackers and all included tokens

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4.9 x 4.9 x 1 in

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