Trunk Nameplate Customization


Product Description

Personalization for the Storage Trunk for Eldritch Horror.

If you’d like your nameplates customized, order this product. The trunk comes with one small and two large plates which can be customized. The small is about 1 x 3, the large 2 x 6.

During checkout, you’ll have an opportunity to add notes to your order. Please give me as much detail as you can.

I’ll put as much text as you want, and will try to make it look good. Please specify the sort of font you’d like; if you want something creepy, typewritten, formal, etc.

If you’d like images, please include a link to those. Unfortunately, I cannot engrave the Eldritch Horror name or logo, but if you search online, there are many things from H.P. Lovecraft’s work that are public domain.