Storage Trunk for Eldritch Horror


Product Description

Please be aware: This product is significantly delayed. We’re waiting for our supplier to ship more of the red outer suitcases. Our current estimate is that we’ll be able to get back to making these in November, and at that point we’ll begin shipping out these trunks in the order that they were purchased.

Secure storage for Eldritch Horror, all its expansions, and lots of space for future expansions!

  • Compatible with Eldritch Horror by Fantasy Flight Games.
  • Do-It-Yourself kit. Includes the pre-assembled outer trunk, and the pieces for the inserts packed loosely inside.
  • Assembles in about 3 hours of light work with standard white glue. Instructions here. Put a few pieces together between turns, and you can have this assembled by the time you finish a game of Eldritch Horror.
  • Holds the game, all current expansions, and years of future expansions.
    • Spacious compartments for cards and tokens.
    • Room for four expansion boards.
  • Works with sleeved or unsleeved cards.
  • Removable trays make setup and cleanup quick and easy.
  • Elastic bands hold the rules inside the lid.
  • Also includes seven bonus trays for use during the game:
    • Ancient One cards and tokens
    • Two long stands to hold large and small card decks
    • Four small Rumor stands to hold active cards
  • Blank nameplates included for you to customize your trunk.
    • If you would like your nameplates customized, please add this product to your order.
  • Foam-padded monster cup with removable lid. Shake it up!
  • When properly packed, everything is held securely, and the trunk can be carried by its handle without disturbing the contents.
    • Be gentle and check the latches often. We do suggest carrying the trunk flat when possible, to ensure the wood keeps its full strength.
  • Includes the pre-assembled outer trunk, and the pieces for the inserts packed loosely inside. The kit is easy to assemble with white or wood glue.

Additional information

Weight 150 oz
Dimensions 17.75 x 12.75 x 7.75 in
Compatible Games