Carrier Carriers

Your bag of parts might look like a jumble of space debris, but there’s nothing to fear; you’ll have your carriers assembled in no time! No glue is required, and you can disassemble them for storage.

Your stands will arrive with a brown protective tape on them. It helps them look their best, but it does mean you’ll need to peel the tape off each piece. Fingernails work best. You should have plenty of free time during your average game of Twilight Imperium!


2015-03-03 12.20.422015-03-04 21.10.032015-03-04 21.10.06You may find that you have more pieces than you need; I throw in extra sometimes if I want to be sure. Of course, if you don’t have enough, just send a message to



First insert the long toothed supports. They’re designed to be a tight fit, so be gentle.2015-03-04 21.10.39Then slot the vertical stands into place. For the flagship, you’ll use the taller stands with the larger central hole. The two ‘arms up’ supports go in the middle slots, while the ‘arms down’ supports go on the sides.

2015-03-04 21.11.25

Slide the holding pin through the top holes. One end of the pin has a wide head. I recommend you start from the back and push the pin through to the front (the slightly longer, angled side).

2015-03-04 21.11.52When you insert your Flagship, fly it in from the back, with the nose leading. You should be able to just barely sit the front of the flagship on the front stand while the backside is nestled inside the rear stand.

You can use the single and double ‘X’ tokens to indicate your Flagship’s capacity by filling up extra spots.

The flagship nameplates fit on the front of the flagship stand. There’s nothing special holding them in place.

2015-03-04 23.57.37


Carriers are assembled identically to the Flagship, except that you’ll use the shorter vertical stands. The toothed supports and the long pin are the same and interchangeable.

War Sun

The War Sun is essentially like the Carriers, but rotated 90 degrees.

First, insert the short toothed supports.2015-03-04 21.16.11

Then insert the three wide vertical stands. The ‘arms up’ piece goes in the center.2015-03-04 21.16.42

The War Suns have two pins. I like to insert them from opposite directions, but it doesn’t matter.2015-03-04 21.17.20

Finally, there’s one more step to the War Sun, which is placing three short platforms to create a grid for the War Sun to sit on.2015-03-04 21.17.57

 Stasis Capsules

No assembly here; just put the tokens next to your ships to indicate that a unit is carried, rather than on a planet.