Cursed Island Insert

Here’s what you’ll receive in your package.

2015-02-18 14.39.30

For these pictures, I’ll be assembling the box on a table, but it may be easiest for you to insert the base plate into your Robinson Crusoe box first, and assemble the insert inside your box. (Just be careful not to glue the insert to the box. Unless you want to – nothing wrong with that!)

The base plate is marked with letters A through Q, and the bottom of each piece is also marked with a letter. Simply go in order, insert A into A, B into B, etc. Everything should only fit one way.

First, insert all the horizontal dividers – everything running lengthwise, but not the outer walls.

2015-02-18 15.22.59

Then insert all the vertical dividers.

2015-02-18 15.24.30

Insert the horizontal walls, then the vertical walls. If you’re assembling your insert inside your box, it should hold its shape, but a few touches of glue here and there won’t hurt.

2015-02-18 18.09.40

You can glue in the inserts for the island hex compartment now.

You should also have a sheet of black foam. Glue this to the underside of the lid, then use a razor or knife to cut out the finger hole. (You could also just draw an ‘X’.) This foam compresses against the top of the card trays, preventing any cards from falling out even when your ship is being tossed in a storm.

You also have a bunch of little pieces with circles cut out of them. These are for the bottom of each card tray, just so you can get your finger under your cards. Many of the compartments are slightly different in size, so experiment to find the best fit.

The token trays fit together just like the larger box. First, insert the horizontal dividers, then the vertical dividers. The internal dividers are marked ‘R’ for the horizontal and ‘S’ for the vertical.

2015-02-18 15.13.35Then glue on the walls.

2015-02-18 15.32.56Once that’s all done and dried, you’re ready to install the magnetic lid. Those instructions are here: