Programming Token Assembly

Your programming tokens will ship with 84 wooden backs and 84 acrylic front plates. Assembling them is easy!

Programming Tokens Glue

You don’t need any special glue; just use white glue that dries clear. Here’s one on Amazon: Elmer’s Multi-Purpose Glue.

Programming Tokens 1

Remember that the acrylic plates are engraved backwards; you will be gluing the engraved side of the acrylic to the engraved side of the wood.

Programming Tokens 2

First, go ahead and remove the protective film from the acrylic plate. Look it over, clean off any fingerprints, and wipe any fuzzy lines with a paper towel.

Programming Tokens 3

Put a moderate amount of glue on the wooden backing. No need to be neat or precise.

Programming Tokens 4

Take the acrylic plate, and press the glue down, spreading it out. If a little glue leaks out of the side of the token, just dab it up with your finger or a cloth.

In about 12 hours the glue will have dried clear. Under direct light, you might be able to see the outline of the glue (such as the photo above, under my studio lights), but it’s usually invisible. This is why I actually recommend you be fairly generous and sloppy with your glue; use enough so that, when pressed flat, the glue covers the entire token from edge to edge.

Programming Tokens 5

For comparison, this photo was taken with just my camera’s flash; the glue is much less visible under this lighting.

Now just repeat 83 more times!