Splendid Travel Case

For this assembly, I recommend you use wood glue. I’ve had good luck with Gorilla Wood Glue, it dries clear and clean.

Most pieces have letters to help with assembly. These letters are placed so they can be hidden when the piece is assembled.

Gem TrayIMG_0253

  • Base Plate
  • Vertical Divider (A) x2
  • Edge Vertical Divider (C) x2
  • Horizontal Divider (B) x2
  • Center Horizontal Divider (B Center)
  • Gold Section Risers (D) (x2)

When assembling this tray, you will create a hollow channel horizontally through the piece. Make sure you avoid blocking this channel by using too much glue.

  1. Start with the base plate, with the engraved center strip facing up.
  2. Insert two vertical dividers into the slots in the center of the base plate.IMG_0235
  3. Insert the horizontal dividers into the slots along the top of the vertical dividers, and into the base plate. The engraved sides of these dividers should face each other, toward the center of the tray.IMG_0255
  4. Place the center horizontal divider between the other two horizontal dividers.
  5. Press the two edge vertical dividers into place. Check the piece for any loose connections, apply glue as necessary, then clamp, brace, or hold the whole thing together until the glue has dried a little.IMG_0238
  6. Slot the two gold risers into place. Since there are 5 gold coins in Splendor, and 7 of all other colors, these risers give the gold a little boost.IMG_0239
  7. Be patient! Keep this held together, put something on top of it (preferably metal or plastic, so you don’t accidentally glue it together) and leave it for several hours. Don’t risk permanently gluing your gems together by testing it out too soon!

Outer BoxIMG_0240

  • Top with engraved text and diamond cutout
  • Sides, with small rectangular cutouts
  • Front and back, no cutouts
  1. Lay out the pieces. You’re looking at the inside of the box, so arrange the sides and designs so that anything you want on the outside is face-down.
  2. Apply glue to every seam, then fold it up and hold together until everything dries.IMG_0242IMG_0243

You can probably do a cleaner job gluing than I did. You can use a damp paper towel to clean up any excess glue before it dries.

Card Tray


  • Base plate
  • Vertical dividers
    • Left (E)
    • Center (F)
    • Right (G)
  • Rear wall (H)
  • Flat inserts
    • Left side (J)
    • Right side (K)
    • Top (Engraved diamond)
  • Noble back wall (L)
  • Noble barriers x2
  • Noble spacers x2
  1. Insert the vertical dividers into the base plate. They should only fit one way.
  2. Carefully put the rear wall into place, making sure all the dividers fit into their slots.
  3. Place the top piece.IMG_0247
  4. Slide the flat inserts in from the front. Make sure they fit securely into the slots on the rear wall.
  5. Slot the Noble back wall into place.IMG_0249
  6. Check for any loose seams, apply extra glue, then clamp, brace, or hold this together for an hour or so.
  7. Glue the two Noble barriers to the front of the right side.
  8. Glue the Noble spacers to the left and right of the Noble slot. This gives a more secure fit. Make sure you hide the text against the wall.IMG_0251
  9. Again, check for loose seams, then hold this together for several hours, preferably overnight. I wouldn’t want you accidentally gluing all your cards together.